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Graphic Design

Character Illustration, Logos, and Food Truck wrap design using Adobe Illustrator.

paintball chang 3.jpg


Señor Ben Chang

I made a character illustration of Ben Chang from the show Community. The illustration is of Chang in the first paintball war episode (Season 1, Episode 23).


Pizza Plaza

Logo design for a pizza food truck and used to show branding.

Pizza Final.jpg
Hair Salon Color.jpg


Hair Salon

I wanted to make a clean, minimalistic logo. Keeping the design simple helps bring attention to the scissors as an accent to the design to give the otherwise boring design some flair.


Custom Painting

I liked the idea of using the icon as a letter in the text of the logo. The paint color can be changed depending on what's needed.

Custom Painting.jpg
Steak Horizontal v2.jpg


Steak House

I wanted to make a more classic but still modern design. What came to mind was a steak house. I used a steak knife as a reference for the icon.

Pizza Truck v3_2x-100.jpg


Pizza Plaza Food Truck

I loved the red and beige color combination that gives a welcoming and classic feel. I used the stripes from the design in my branding for the fake business.


Client Logo

They were finishing cosmetology school and needed a personal logo. I used the finger hole of the shears to look like an 'a' to make the icon a part of the logo.

Dead Fish Designs v2.png


Personal Logo

I thought if I was going to make a logo to represent me it might as well be fun. I decided to make a cartoony dead fish head.

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